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Bedroom Rugs

Madison Modern Web Grey Rug

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Bed Room Rugs 

The floor of the bedroom is the last thing our feet feel before falling asleep, and the first thing they feel after getting up, therefore the ground of our bedroom should be as soft and pleasant as possible. 

The most frequent question we get is about how to place the rug around the bed or under the bed. Perhaps the greatest comfort is gained by placing a huge rug under the bed that extends beyond the bed. The bedroom looks most stylish when the rug extends at least 50-55 cm around the sides and the front of the bed, therefore the ideal size is a 2m x 3m rectangle rug. Depending on the size of the room the rug under the bed can be bigger, but never smaller. Having a bedside runner is the best thing you can do to your bedroom with a wooden floor. The recommended runner rug size is at least 80cm x 150cm.

The perfect rug for a bedroom can be made from wool, cotton or if you are after a cheap bedroom mat you can also find stunning polyester pieces. Are you after a soft rug for your bedroom? Modern shaggy rugs can fit and become the gem of any bedroom easily. 

Probably all parents recognise that while decorating their kids bedroom, they must consider completely different aspects than if they were decorating it for adults. Let’s turn a kid's room into a magical little space where they can play and have great adventures. A kid bedroom rug is where the adventures take place, therefore make it as comfortable and easy to clean as possible. A cute colourful rug for the girls bedroom and a trendy road rug for the boys bedroom is always a great option to consider. 

No matter where you are in Australia choosing a rug for bedrooms is easy with Sydney Rugs Online. Browse our wide range of bedroom mats with plenty of sizing options available. Don’t forget that we deliver all of our rugs Australia wide.