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Ermina Tribal Black White Rug


Black Rugs

Black rugs are often thought of in the context of ultra modern and contemporary styles. While this can often be the case, it isn’t the only style of black rug available. Often selected as a statement piece, a traditional black hallway runner or area rug can be used to great effect in a classically styled home. View our great selection of Black Rugs online, and you will see how this colour and transform your room. If you are looking to make a statement with your choice of rug, then choosing a black floor rug will give what you are after.

Grey Rugs

The use of a grey rug can be extremely versatile. Often thought of as a neutral colour, when used in the right space, grey rugs add style & sophistication to any room. The great thing about a grey rug is that it works with almost every colour or style that you currently have in your room. If you are looking to add some brightness to your room, then go for a light grey rug. This can be used as a substitute for white or cream. While to add a statement, you can replace your black rug with a dark grey or charcoal rug.