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Kids Rugs

Cheerful children's rugs are perfect decor elements in every child's room. Our kids rugs, with their vibrant colours and fairy-tale characters provide the perfect environment for every toddler. A well-chosen rug helps to create the conditions necessary for the healthy development for all children. It is important not only to design our children's room based on aesthetics, but also to give priority to the comfort level.

At Sydney Rugs Online you can choose from rugs for girls or boys. Explore our road rugs for little boys to play with toy racing cars on them. For little girls, we recommend the princess, giraffe or rainbow rugs. Our rugs are available in different sizes, from the small 150 x 100 cm to the largest 400 x 300 cm sizes.

All the kids carpets are made from soft and thick materials like wool and polypropylene, therefore they are perfect for children to play on them. They are very easy to clean as you just need to vacuum up and the game can continue. We don’t just stock kids pink rugs, we have rugs available in red, white, grey and many others. Buy kids rugs online, we deliver them all over Australia.