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Living Room Rugs

Fleet Convoy Turquoise Rug

From $260.00 - $933.00

Fleet Convoy Red Runner Rug

From $260.00 - $359.00

Fleet Convoy Red Rug


Fleet Convoy Brown Runner Rug

From $260.00 - $359.00

Fleet Convoy Brown Rug

From $260.00 - $933.00

Fleet Naval Brown Runner Rug

From $260.00 - $359.00

Fleet Naval Brown Rug

From $260.00 - $933.00

Living Room Rugs Australia

Generally the time we spend in our living room is when we relax the most. Therefore for many of us the decoration in the living room is the most important out of all rooms.

In addition to practicality, the perfect rug can highlight the style of the room and become the centerpiece of the living room. By using it, we add warmth and intimacy to our home, create a background for our furniture, and bring colour to the space.

Without a rug in our living room the space can look unfinished, so there is no doubt that rugs are needed elements of home decoration. 

If you want to decorate a small living room choose lighter shades, like a neutral rug for the living room as they are optically expanding the space. If you are after a modern rug for your living room, you can also choose a high piled fluffy rug for living room decor as they can give a luxurious look and feel. Moroccan style living room rugs are becoming a staple in modern households, they provide bold colours and are a great contemporary rug for your living room.

If you are a fan of simplicity, then you can’t go past our large range of scandinavian living room rugs. Often using basic designs, you’ll be sure to find a rug that suits your style, like a plain grey living room rug.

Don’t search elsewhere, find the best living room rug at Sydney Rugs online. Our range provides great variety, so no matter if you are looking for small or large living room rugs, we’ll have the perfect selections. We ship Australia wide and provide you multiple payment options to make shopping as easy as possible.