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Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Rugs Australia

The tradition of moroccan rugs is long and distinguished. Morocco was one of the first countries that embraced the practice of rug-making. Generally Moroccan rugs are on the thicker sides. This makes them a perfect option for those people who feel the cold during winter. However, if you love the design, then we do offer moroccan rugs with low pile height.

The element that makes moroccan rugs so popular is their style and design, it’s what makes them unique. Majority of the moroccan rug designs would fit perfectly in any modern styled house. With a careful selection, the use of a moroccan rug would be a perfect fit for a traditional home. Lay this rug over your cold tiles or hardwood floor to provide a unique design along with some warmth.

The design is what people love when it comes to these eclectic rugs. Often using the colour white, we are now seeing more designs that are incorporating other colours. If you are after a moroccan floor rug for your home, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer multiple payment options and great shipping options all over Australia.