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One of the most popular rug styles in recent years are natural fibre rugs. With the rise in popularity of sustainable products, people are also looking for natural and sustainable rug materials. Natural weave rugs are when the materials are sourced naturally from various plant varieties. Natural woven rugs are good for those people who suffer from allergic reactions from synthetic rugs. This is generally caused by the products used for treating the rugs when they are first created. Natural fibre rugs, don’t just help you health, but that of the earth.

Our range of fibre rugs offer a durable, but elegant option for your house. The material is on the harder side, and can be used both indoor & outdoors. These rugs are ideal to use in high traffic areas, as they have great longevity. Wool, jute and sisal are the most common natural materials used for rug creation. These are then dyed to create the range of colours you see.

Use this style of rug on a hard floor to provide a different texture, With our great range, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a natural rug online. We offer great shipping options Australia wide. So no matter where you are searching from, whether it’s Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart or here in Sydney, we will get your new rug delivered in quick time at a cheap price.