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  • Rug Cleaning: Cheap Ideas You Will Love

    Oct 29 2020

      Choosing the right rug that is stunning and aesthetically pleasing can be a simple process and quickly become the centrepiece of your...

  • Do Rugs Keep Your House Warm?

    Aug 17 2020

    Throughout the cold winter months, many people have problems with heating in their homes. This can be due to a multitude of reasons, i...

  • How big are some of our rug ranges?

    Sep 13 2018

    At SydneyRugsOnline we have ranges of all sizes, ranging from around 4 rugs up to over 40!  As a leading rug distributor it's important ...

  • Our wide range of Cowhide Rugs at SydneyRugsOnline

    Jun 25 2016

    Sydney Rugs Online presents a stunning cowhide range available in all natural variations such as Black and White, Salt and Pepper, Chocol...