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Multi Colour Rugs

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Aura Modern Multi Rug


Multi Coloured Rugs 

Rugs protect the floor from scratches, warm your feet up and multi coloured rug pieces can brighten your day with their beautiful patterns and wonderful colours. A multi colour rug is a perfect accessory for any trendy modern designed or even for any glamorous traditional home. The bright colours have a positive effect on everyone, that fill up with energy and eliminate the everyday stress. 

Our range includes multi coloured runners, round and square rugs. They are made of wool, cotton, polypropylene,  polyester and jute with special features like longevity, vibrant colors and easy cleanliness. We offer Australia wide the best quality rainbow coloured rug, multi colored striped rug or even multi coloured pastel rug from the size of 150 x 80 cm up to 305 x 245 cm. Be brave and mix the colours and decoration elements at home according to your mood. Whatever style of rug you are looking for, we are sure that you are going to find the colour that will suit your home. Don’t go any further when looking to buy multi coloured rugs.