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Do Rugs Keep Your House Warm?

Rugs To Keep Your House Warm

Throughout the cold winter months, many people have problems with heating in their homes. This can be due to a multitude of reasons, including high ceilings, poor insulation, lots of windows and many others. Keeping your home warm is not only possible by turning up the air conditioning, but also with the addition of quality textiles and accessories used for the interior design along with how your furniture is arranged.

Unheated wooden floors and tiles can cool down during winter a lot, especially if  you live in a home with a driveway below you, or an office that is only heated during weekdays, during working hours. In these cases a perfectly chosen rug can help a lot to keep the heat in your home. 

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Top 5 ideas to keep your home warm with a rug

1. Warm wool rugs are the best choice during winter

During the cold winter months, our floors can also get painfully cold. While some people are lucky enough to have the luxury of heated flooring systems, this is not the only option. A quality thick rug is a perfect solution to reduce the temperature loss through your floor. The added soft texture on your ground also has a much more pleasant feeling for your feet than a cold tile. A durable warm wool rug can be a necessity for your house if you have hard floors. Wool rugs are great insulators and give that soft cosy feeling under your feet. That’s why they are the best choice for winter.

Wool Rugs Protect From Cold Floor
Alpha CouniastDia Beige Wool Rug 

Laying carpets and using large area rugs can help with added insulation to your flooring and prevent heat loss. This layer acts as a barrier between your feet and the cold floor, but can also give you a cosy atmosphere, inviting in the warmth and providing some elegance to your home. To get the best results look for rugs with a thick pile, put simply the greater the layer between your feet and the floor the better protected you are.

The best choice is to find rugs that are thicker and made with strong, dense fibres, these will keep you the warmest as the temperature drops.

2. Shaggy rugs keep your bedroom warm

We all know that uncomfortable feeling of getting out of a warm bed in the morning only to put your feet onto the freezing floor. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem, by placing a rug under your entire bed, at the front or to cover the sides, you are protecting your feet every morning and provide all the comfort you need on a cold morning.

Shaggy Rug For A Warm House
Comfort Shag Line Beige Rug

You can choose a more delicate piece for your bedroom rug, as it is not a high traffic area like your hallway or living room rug. A fluffy shag rug gives a lot of texture to your bedroom and will be a very pleasant feeling when you get off the bed, rather than the cold hard floor.

Bedroom rugs can be particularly light in colour as well, because they get less dirty, and the softer the better, so you may want to buy a high-pile shaggy rug.

3. Using rug as an insulation

Rugs aren’t just decor elements, they also have a practical use. A good quality floor works as a barrier between your feet and cold hardwood or tile flooring. This keeps your feet protected from the freezing cold floor, but it also works the other direction as well, keeping the cold isolated, rather than letting it impact your entire home.

The size of your rug makes a big difference, which is why we’ll cover this as a separate section, but also where you place your rugs also can make a markedly different feeling in your home. Placing rugs in the high traffic areas of your home will have a positive effect on how you perceive the cold through your feet.

Other areas to place your rug are close to windows or external doors. These places often aren’t sealed completely, and this can let cold air into your home.

If you have a gap underneath an external door, a floor rug is a perfect solution to blocking some of that cold air from entering your home, while also trapping dirt at the entrance rather than being walked through your home.

4. The Size of the rug matters

What size rug should you choose? This can be a daunting question the people often spend time pondering. There are multiple factors that you need to consider when choosing the right size rug for your area.

Firstly you need to consider the space that you have available in your area. You don’t want to buy something that is too small as it will look out of place, however you also don’t want a large rug that doesn’t fit.

When thinking about the sizing from a temperature point, the more surface area of your floor covered the better off you are going to be. This can be done with one large rug that covers the majority of your floor, but you can also do it through using multiple smaller rugs. For example, you may have a hallway that leads into an open plan living room. Instead of just having a single area rug that covers a lot of your living room, you could have a hallway runner, and 2 smaller rugs that cover the main areas of your living room.

Runner Rugs On Hardwood Floor
Bequest Relic Sky Blue Runner Rug


The great thing about having more rugs, is that it gives you more options for different styles & textures, but you can also coordinate your rugs so that they carry the same colour elements through each room in your house.

Positioning is also an important thing to keep in mind. You need to make sure that your rugs are suitable for the specific goal you are trying to achieve. Most designers advise being careful with your positioning. For example, you don’t actually need your rug to be laid under your couch completely, simply make sure that the couch's front legs are on the rug, while the back legs are off.

This way, you create a unified zone without chopping off that part of the room and are maximising the effect of your rug. Finally, your feet will always land on a warm rug when you get off the sofa.

5. Rugs are for children as well

Rugs are extremely versatile decor elements. Not only can they provide insulation for your home, but they can also act as accessories for your children’s imagination. Rugs are no longer confined to living rooms, hallways and studies. Kids bedroom rugs serve not just as a decor item, but also as a stage for fun games encouraging your children to use their imagination. Think of practical road mats that kids can use to play with their toy cars. Commonly used with bright colours, the best kids rugs are made using thick and durable materials like wool and polypropylene.

These materials are soft to touch and play on, but very easy to vacuum. This is why they have become a favourite choice for parents as well.

Kids Bedroom Rugs
Trendy Kids Road Multi Rug


If you are struggling with keeping your house warm during autumn and winter, and find that in the mornings your floors are freezing cold, rather than looking for expensive solutions, you can’t go past a decent rug. Make sure to check you sizing and placement to get the best bang for your buck, but if you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with our expert customer service team and they will help point you in the right direction.

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