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Our wide range of Cowhide Rugs at SydneyRugsOnline

Posted on June 25 2016

Our wide range of Cowhide Rugs at SydneyRugsOnline
Sydney Rugs Online presents a stunning cowhide range available in all natural variations such as Black and White, Salt and Pepper, Chocolate and Brindle.

Sourced from the highest quality ranges in Brazil, well known for their consistently outstanding leather products and long lasting durable cow hide exports.



Tea on Table

Pictured within our catalogue are typical examples of the gorgeous colour varieties available exclusively with Sydney Rugs Online Rugs.

Due to these being real one of a kind cow hide rugs, please expect some variation in patterning as no two are the same!

The perfect rug to put your feet up and relax with a cup of tea, these rugs leave a lasting impression. Even at a glance, these cow hide rugs are obviously the real deal!

Being real leather, cowhide rugs are remarkably durable and are not as prone to wear and tear over time as other rugs can be - even in high trafficked rooms and environments.

The perfect addition to many Australian homes, cow hide rugs sell strongly all year round and make a great alternative to retailers looking to increase the variety of stock on hand! 


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